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Long Life Hospital has all the characteristics of a world-class hospital with wide range of services and specialists, equipment’s and technology, ambience and service quality. The hospital is a showcase of synergy of medical technology and advances in ICT Division through paperless medical records. The skilled nurses, technologists and administrators of  our Hospital, aided by state-of-the-art equipment’s, provide a congenial infrastructure for the medical professionals in providing healthcare of international standards.

LHL Departments


Emergency & Primary Care Unit

Long Life Hospital Ltd. has a well establish and fully equipped emergency department. This department is providing 24 hours emergency care to the patients. All type of emergencies are dealt here with highest care.


Medicine & Diabetes unit

Diseases are growing day by day. People are worried about the emergency medical care. Long Life Hospital Ltd. glad to inform you to provide unparallelly, quality medical service to the people of Bangladesh.


Gynae & Obstetrics Unit

Long Life Hospital Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary well equipped hospital . We have a modernized well equipped gynaecology and obstetrics unit. We provide full time consultant of gynae and obstetrics. Huge investment has been done to equip this unit.

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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Now in a days, there are a lot of critical patients. People are worried and anxious about the care of critical patient. We are happy that we have one of the best ICU department in Bangladesh.

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